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Captain Neil’s

The following is a sample of the many photos, comments and thank you notes sent to Captain Neil praising his knowledge, ability and workmanship, along with the quality and performance of his handcrafted fishing rods.

Caught on a Capt Neil rod
  • Dick M with a 250 lb. tuna caught on the Excel, San Diego. He used his new stand up rod using All American spiral wrapped roller guides.

  • Hey Neil, rods are awesome! 7 foot TLIS (The Long Islander Series) looks like fun and can’t wait to try it.
    Capt. Jack
    Jack Pack Fishing Charters,   Jensen Beach, Florida
    (772) 215-9650

  • The Rod; Yup Neil, I caught that nice fish with it and it was a pleasure. The spiral guides really make a difference, not only when fighting the fish, but I think it was less fatiguing dragging 14 oz. and a snake (eel) for hours. You are the Master.  captclambelly

  • I just wanted to let everyone know that I am on my way to building my first rod. I have been in contact with Capt. Neil over the past week or so. He had invited me to his shop for some instructions with the basics. I accepted his offer and am glad I did.
    Capt Neil is full of knowledge, skill and is one of the kindest people I have met. I spent a few hours with him and I am now confident enough to begin on my first project
    Thanks again Capt!!!  lpv77

  • Thank you
    Hi Capt.
    Just want to thank you for the 4 custom rods you built for Keith and me. These were my first custom rods and they are a work of art but the real pleasure was dealing with you. You sir are a real gentleman!! Thanks again!!  Vince

Flukegirl, her flounder and a TLIS fishing rod by Capt Neil Flukegirl, her first Stripe Bass caught on a TLIS fishing rod by Capt Neil
  • On the left, Flukegirl is proudly holding the flounder she caught using her new white and pink, Capt. Neil, The Long Islander Series (TLIS) fishing rod.

  • On the right, Flukegirl, after a long run-off using the same (TLIS) fishing rod and a long hard fight, landed her first KEEPER STRIPER at 29".

Caught on a Capt Neil rod

  • I had Capt. Neil build me an M as a custom tog stick for Long Island sound fishing and let me tell you this rod out performed all tog sticks I had used in the past. I cut four inches from the tip and had him extend it back out to 7' 0". This rod is as sensitive as it is strong, had no trouble pulling tog up to 11 lbs. out from the wreck. Two thumbs way up to Capt. Neil and his craftsmanship and knowledge.  petemontauk

Caught on a Capt Neil rod

  • Hi Neil, I just wanted to send you a picture of the first fish I caught on my new fish pole.
    It performed just as we planned for it to.
    Thanks, Bob T.

Caught on a Capt Neil rod

  • Red Rooster, San Diego. Using his new custom for the first time, Mark K dropped his line into the briny deep and in seconds hooked this 256 lb. Yellow fin tuna.

Caught on a Capt Neil rod

  • I finally hooked up with Capt Neil from Noreast and bought one of his awesome boat rods to go with my new Penn International 975LD. I will be glad to tell him that his rod got a good workout this morning... and worked like a charm... everyone must have one of these rods... thanks Capt Neil.  Gil

Caught on a Capt Neil rod
  • Hello Captain ~ I am deeply grateful that you took such care and time with me, in helping to choose exactly the 'right' rod for my style, needs, fishing environment and body characteristics. Your explanations (and demonstrations) of what would work for me made it clear this guide configuration would make my fishing life easier and more productive. The ergonomics of the rod has increased my sensitivity to 'getting hits', as well as making reeling in the catch more effortless... and less stressful on the rod and guides themselves. I can't emphasize enough how much easier and more powerful is the 'direct' pull on the fish coming up, directed by this unique guide formation. Thank you, Capt Neil. By the way, I have to tell you that everyone I have allowed to 'sample' my spiral wrap rod feels the same way about it... some of them very surprised, too.  AB

Caught on a Capt Neil rod

  • Hello Captain Neil,
    This is a picture of me on the Marilyn Jean on the south reef off Jersey with Capt. Mike, a 10 3/4 lb. slob, (caught on) Long Islander series MH.
    Good fishing!  Rob C.

Caught on a Capt Neil rod
  • Hello Captain Neil,
    The picture is of my friend Mike L. We were on the Seaotter off Fisher's Island, I had four or five tog in the box and Mike was doing a lot of swinging and missing.... he asked if he could try one of the new rods I had on board. I told him go choose his weapon, he came back with the Long Islander series M. Baited up with a hermit crab and bam, 8 1/2 lb. tog, man you should have seen that blank bend. Mike then went on a white chin assault putting 5 more in the box in the next hour. I never got to fish with the M because Mike liked it so much he immediately handed me 125 dollars after that first catch and claimed the rod. I have to say the LI series for 125 dollars is the best value in the custom rod market and this comes from someone who has spent 200 dollars for a blank alone.  Rob C.

Caught on a Capt Neil rod

  • Hello Captain Neil,
    This picture is of me on the Seaotter IV with Capt. Joel at Block Island, used the Long Islander series MH in a screaming tide and 16 ounces of lead to catch these two which went 8 and 8 1/2 lbs. during a Coast Guard inspection of the boat and us.   Rob C.

Caught on a Capt Neil rod

  • Hello Captain Neil,
    Subject: Montauk Fluke

    Broke my unlucky streak, bucktailed this one up on the southside aboard the Miss Montauk using the GUSA SW70M you built for me a few years back. Fish went 9lbs. on the dot.   Rob C.

  • Hey Captain Neil, it’s Bob C. Just wanted to let you know I love my new surf rod and not only did I get to try it but I busted 4 nice big bass. I caught the first one on my second cast! What a fight! Thanks again.  Bob

  • All I can say is the customs that Neil has built for my customers have been tested and proven to land fish. He even matched someone’s Junk and made a Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear.
    81 Fort Salonga Road,   Northport, NY 11768
    (631) 368-7335 (REEL)

  • Thanks Capt Neil. Been enjoying my new pole. I nailed everything on it, blues, blacks, flukes and small bass. Now let's see if I can handle that cow!  rac37

  • Nice job Capt. I landed a 33 lb. bass one of those handles well.... Gil

  • Just picked up my rod from Capt Neil yesterday and first time using my new reel today. Went around the T.N.B. area. I just had to give it a try and I actually got a striper. Nothing to brag about at all but it was something! Can’t wait to use your The Long Islander Series rod. Hopefully this weekend or next? All I know is that I’m fishing this weekend with either or...I feel like a little kid in a candy store. Thanks a lot Capt Neil the rod feels great.  CHINOKENS

  • This is long over due however no better time than the present.
    If there is anyone looking to have a custom rod built you should look no further than here.
    Many months ago I delivered a very old Harnell rod to Captain Neil to see what could be done with it. The rod belonged to my Grandmother who had given it to me when I was 7-8 yrs. old. Along with the gift came many summer days spent @ the East lslip Marina with her, soaking squid and clams for whatever would bite. My Grandmother(Nan) is no longer with us, for many years actually and the rod had been stowed away in favor of newer and fancier models.
    To my surprise when I had brought the rod to Capt. Nell along with some others for repair he seemed enthusiastic to do something with it. We spent the better part of an afternoon talking about the options (for the rod) and about fishing and life. When I delivered the rod it had about 4 maybe 5 guides on it (it was an 8' blank), a very weathered cork tape grip and a tape on reel seat. We decided that since I mostly bottom fish and chunk for stripers that we could shorten up the rod by taking 1 foot off the butt end and have a rod that could handle 6-12 oz.
    Well, there are many more details to this rod rebuild that I don't remember and honestly lack the knowledge to talk about however what I can say is what I was given was truly a work of art. I know for a fact that there were many hours spent touching up the finish, removing scratches and nicks that came with nearly forty years of use.
    Neil, I would like to publicly say thank you for your hard work and the opportunity to meet such a Gentleman! Look forward to doing business again.
      Sean C

  • Capt Neil:
    Let me thank you for the loan of your Roberts Wrap standup tuna rod for my trip to La Paz Mexico
    It performed just the way you described it.
    While we did not tangle our usual number of tuna we did tangle with many Dorado from 20 to 45 pounds.
    There is no “wobble” in the rod that I have experienced in normal standup tuna sticks. Also it gives you a a chance to “rest” that tired arm when the fish go deep.
    It was fun to watch the captains when I showed up with it. One tried to move the guides to the top, another put his rods back in his truck, on seeing this rod he ran back to get them until I showed him how the rod was made.
    Thanks again.  Bill Z

Discussion Board
Looking for a New Rod and Reel

  • as far as custom rod builders go. you have one right here on noreast. none other than capt neil himself. he definitely builds a first class completely capable and functional rod. you would be absolutely amazed how the light tackle rod he built for me holds up against very large fish. all at the same time it casts a mile and has all of the sensitivity in the world. i can't speak highly enough about his workmanship.
    as a person my lord the man is first class. i hope they did not break the mold when they made capt neil. officer titza's family was absolutely ecstatic when they were presented with one of capt neils rods for there charity raffle. i could go on forever but i am sure others will chime in. you can't go wrong with capt neil.
    tiderunner70  09/27/2007

Discussion Board
The best 7 foot spinning rod

  • Thanks to Captian Neil for making an absolutly spectacular 7' spinning rod. Guys this rod is a thing a beauty, it is perfect for 1/2 to 2 oz. I've thrown 1/2 leadheads w bass assains to 2 1/4 metal lips and caught fish already this year. I have wrestled bass and 8 pound blues with shoulders in heavy current and had a blast with the rod bent in half, ....
    A while ago there was a thread with some people including myself looking for a lightweight 7 surf rod to be used from a boat. This is the perfect rod. I've matched it with a stradic 4000. It is a custom lamiglass made by our very own Capt Neil Faulkner. I apoligize that I dont have the numbers but I'm sure Capt Neil will chime in with the particulars. Just wanted to say thanks for a job well done!
    Already looking forward to my next rod a 7 cgbt841 L.
    bigbillybass  05/14/2007

  • 100 percent agree with billybass. Neil built me the same rod last year. I matched mine to a shimano spheros 4000. The rod is unbelivable. extremely light weight, but strong enough to haul a large striped bass in. I've caught bass, fluke, and bluefish on this rod on a daily basis. Any shimano in the 4000 series matches the rod perfectly.
    blacktmann98  05/14/2007

Discussion Board
Poll- The perfect fishing rod for around $125
  • All good choices for sure. . . . . But my idea? Take that money over to Capt. Neil's shop and see what he can cook up for you, specifically to your needs.
    Leprechaun  3/19/07

  • I would go with Capt. Neil's Long Islander Series, saw these rods at the bash.....Impossible to beat for the price!
    Rodwinder  3/20/07

  • I agree .....for the money you CANNOT beat capt Neils Long Islander series. I intend to add one or two more to my collection very shortly.
    Togster2  3/20/07

  • Captain Neil's The LongIslander series medium is fantastic. You can't go wrong with it.
    choi830  3/20/07

  • Can't wait to take delivery tomm morning at the seminar of my new captain neils long islander series rod, my medium did a # on bass this season and can't wait to get my fluke buctailing rod tomm , great rod
    for the money, can't beat it.
    offracing  3/24/07

Discussion Board
Recommend me a local rod builder?
  • I had Capt Neil build me a bunch of rods over the winter...they all came out awesome, look and fish beautifully.
    Capt. Matt  06/14/07

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March 24 2007 seminar! great time!

CAPTAIN NEIL with his display
  • Capt.Neil's Vast Knowledge of Fish,Rod's and tackle made it look so easy hope this is your year for the double digit FLUKE!!!
    stpaul7  3/24/07

  • VISIT THE CAPTAIN on You Tube:
  • Capt. Neil in search of a 10 lb. Fluke
  • Drifting for Blackfish?
  • Try new Places for Fluke
  • How to set the hook
  • Using Fluke Strips for Bait
  • Favorite Teasers to use for Fluke

    Discussion Board
      So what new tackle did we all buy for the coming Season?
    • By the way, if anyone of you is in the market for a really sharp light-tackle fluke jigger, but don't want to go for your lungs on a hi-dollar custom, you should get with Captain Neil and review his very newest sub-set of Long Islander series rods - the “Graphite Fluke Jiggers.” I believe he has three different ones in the series, and depending on which you select, he can set you up with one that can handle as light as 6 lb test and 1/4-oz jigs. Or something a bit more substantial that would be comfortable in the heavier lure classes to better than an ounce or so. His pricing as always is ultra fair and is more than competitive with many factory-built stick of frankly, lesser quality, and with these newest LI'ers you get to pick the color scheme and any upgrades you might desire. I predict another big hit for Neil with these rods. Who the heck deserves it more than he?
      Leprechaun 04/05/07

    Caught on a Capt Neil rod

    • Photographed by her Mom and accompanied by Grandpa, the youngest of three generations carries on the family fishing tradition on her first party boat trip. She reeled in fish, baited her own hooks and helped release her catches. Wonderful!!! May 2007


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