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Why a Custom Fishing Rod?

Salt Water, Off Shore, Surf, Fly, Fresh Water, Spinning, Casting, all types of fishing, all types of fishing rods. Each rod should be as individual as the person using it. Here are some reasons to explain why.

  • Choice of a Blank - A top quality blank is selected that is best suited for your type of fishing and fishing location.

  • Components - Only top quality grips (synthetic, cork or flocked), reel seats and guides are used.

  • Guide Placement - All blanks are spined and static deflected for optimum guide location.

  • Guide Feet - All are carefully ground and polished, for improved flexing and wrapping.

  • Color Choices - Pick your favorite colors. Threads are available in a wide range of colors in nylon, NCP, and metallic.

  • Design - Thread detailing adds your personal design to the finished product. This makes it your own, one of a kind, fishing rod.


The total cost is determined at the outset, no surprises. Captain Neil will take special time with you to design a fishing rod that will be everything you want. It will look great! Feel great to use! And best of all, it can help you catch the “big one” you’ve been waiting for!

  CAPTAIN NEIL, custom fishing rod, prize fluke
   Captain Neil, custom fishing rod,
prize fluke


How to Design and Purchase a Custom Fishing Rod

An input on each of the following items is necessary to design the optimum Custom Fishing Rod.

  • Type of Fish - fish targeted and weight

  • Area - area you will fish in, depth of water, type of bottom (wrecks, rocky, sand or mud)

  • How You Fish - trolling, anchored, drifting or standing on shore

  • Line Type - monofilament, synthetic or wire

  • Type of Reel - conventional or spinning

  • Bait or Lures - The weight of the bait, whether it is live, chunks, eels, bunker, spoons, plugs, jigs or lures, is also considered in the design of the rod.

    After analyzing the results of the above inputs, the design and its resulting pricing is finalized. At this point a one third deposit will be required.
    Call Captain Neil at 1-631-567-8049 or email him at E-MAIL BOX to start the design process.
    Captain Neil prefers to have a design meeting, if possible, with you in his shop. If this is inconvenient, email and/or phone orders can be used.


Only the Best Materials are used in my
Custom Fishing Rods

  • Fiberglass - for flexibility and ruggedness
  • Graphite - for sensitivity and backbone to fight fish
  • Composite - a combination of fiberglass and graphite to give you the best of both, excellent for the use of synthetic lines
  • Synthetic - eva and shrink tubing over duck cord
  • Cork - solid cork or cork tape, custom made using cork rings
  • Flocked - a soft material electrostatically bonded to a cork grip, feels comfortable, wears well and looks sharp
  • Slick Butt - to slide in and out of rod holders easily
  • Uni Butts - for offshore rods
  • Fuji - graphite
  • Aftco - unibutts, storabutts
  • Choice of many for fly rods
  • Fuji - hardloy and silicon carbide
  • Perfection - carbide for wire line
  • Aftco - roller guides
  • AA Roller - spiral roller guides
  • Gudebrod - nylon, metallic and braid

   Captain Neil will help you choose the combination of components that are best for your Custom Fishing Rod.

The Suffolk County News
February 8, 2001 ...Jeffrey Bessen

Custom rod maker reels them in

Captain Neil   Neil Faulkner was angling around for something to do following his retirement from IBM in 1993. Pursuing his life-long interest in fishing Faulkner, 61, turned to the rod and the reel. The former computer service representative and licensed boat captain began building and restoring custom fishing rods.
  “I was playing around with it for 10 years and it became a serious business a year ago in May,” said Faulkner. “I first started repairing and restoring my own rods and building friends’ rods. When you sit down wrapping a rod, in a sense it’s very relaxing.”
  Custom fishing rods by Captain Neil, as Faulkner bills his business creates his custom rods from scratch using high quality blanks of fiberglass, graphite and composites.
  “The blank itself has a different type of action depending on what type of fishing you are doing and where,” said Faulkner.
  The native Long Islander, who grew up in Wantagh and has resided in Sayville for the past 36 years, furnishes a personal, individual touch to every rod he creates.
  “I’ll sit down with the person and we will discuss how, what, why and where,” said Faulkner. “Blanks for what type of fishing you are doing, different sizes weight lures used, butt to tip, every part taken into consideration. Even what gauge line people use.”
  After collecting the necessary information, Faulkner selects a blank and using a spine finder determines where the rod’s back bone or spine is located.
 “Every tube has a back bone, the position it goes when it has a load on,” said Faulkner. “I’ll find the spine and use it to our advantage.”
  The advantage, according to Faulkner, is it uses the natural ability of the rod to ensure accuracy and the best possible use of the blank.
  A variety of grips can be chosen from synthetic, cork, flocked, slick butt and unibutts. The flocked grip is a soft material electrostatically bonded to a cork grip. It is a firm, easy handling surface with a comfortable grip. Faulkner uses graphite and unibutts and storabutts reel sets with a wide array of choices for fly rods.
  Many people who use a Capt. Neil custom made fishing rod swear by them, including Capt. John Capuano, the captain of the Shinnecock Star, a party fishing boat that Faulkner helps helm.
  “Capt. Neil is a great captain and makes a wonderful rod, my boat is outfitted with 30 of them,” said Capuano. “I own seven custom rods he’s made, myself.”
  Once a fisherman uses a custom made rod they are most likely to purchase one, according to Dot Capuano, business manager for the Shinnecock Star.
  “A good percentage of customers once they use them and catch fish with them order one,” said Ms. Capuano.
  Faulkner’s background and experience makes him what Capt. Capuano called “... a man of the sea.”
  “I have been fishing since I was five years old,” said Faulkner. “From Wantagh in the bay or surf casting at Jones Beach, in the 60s, that was good.”
  As a Navy man Faulkner spent four years on two destroyers, the USS Rhodes and USS Farragut, in the North Atlantic.
  “Those were the days when the Russians were coming,” said Faulkner, “we were out looking for the submarines, most times it was whales. You look back it was important.”
  A licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain, Faulkner has fished off Long Island’s waters for 56 years, been a party boat mate out of Mattituck, Port Jefferson and Shinnecock, captained the Port Jeff Prowler in addition to the Shinnecock Star.
  “He’s a mentor, what can you say, he’s a leader...he’s captained my boat and he makes a wonderful custom rod,” said Capuano.
  Faulkner’s knowledge of fishing is evident as he speaks about piecing together a rod.
 “Most purchased rods have fewer guides leaving the rod uneven. A custom rod has the right amount of guides in the right position so the line is parallel to the rod,” said Faulkner.
  According to Faulkner the rod’s length determines the number of guides and a rule of thumb is: For every foot of reel there is one guide. Guides are available in carbide, hardloy and silicon carbide.
  Intricate thread work is another component of this hand-made craft. Using colors and thread chosen by the customer, Faulkner does the elaborate or simple designs that lends a distinct signature to the custom rod.
  “I can build a rod in one day if I really wanted to,” said Faulkner. “It takes 8-10 hours without fancy butt wrapping. I could build it quicker by cheating, not doing everything, but there is only one way to build it and that is the right way.”
  The right way has garnered customers from all over Long Island and admiration from other custom builders.
  “I get a lot of business from recommendations and word of mouth,” said Faulkner. “I do shows, speaking engagements and demonstrations, showing new people how to put rods together.”
  As a member of Rodcrafters, Faulkner attends annual seminars and industry shows, trading the newest techniques with other custom rod makers.
  “The biggest by-product of it is meeting all the people, the fisherman, they are extremely nice people.”
  To commemorate his inaugural fishing experience at age five, Capt. Neil builds a custom rod for his grandchildren for their fifth birthday and takes them fishing. So far he has to make four rods with at least two more to go.
  “I can build these for awhile and hopefully I can use my hands until I am 80 or 90 years old,” said Faulkner. “I’ll build you a rod you’ll have a blast with and you’ll catch more fish.”
  Prices range from $325 to tuna sticks for $700 and vary depending on materials and components. For more information you can call Capt. Neil at 631-567-8049 and check out his Web site at
  ..........Jeffrey Bessen


About Captain Neil

U. S. NAVY 1957-1961
  • USS Rhodes DER 384
  • USS Farragut DLG 6

  • Port Jeff Prowler
  • Port Jeff Ace
  • Shinnecock Star
  • Capt. Whittaker
  • Celtic Quest

  • Long Island, N.Y, since 1945

  • Mattituck, Port Jefferson and Shinnecock, Long Island, N.Y.

    ROD CRAFTERS ASSOCIATE Longtime member of the Rod Crafters Association(during their existence), attending yearly seminars to keep abreast of the best techniques in rod crafting.

    New York Sportfishing Federation NEW YORK SPORTFISHING FEDERATION

  • Awarded by the LI Association of NYC Retired Firefighters

When the grandchildren are 5 years old, Captain Neil builds them a custom rod with reel, and takes them on their first of many party boat fishing trips, and has a great time!


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