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Mary caught this 8 lb. 6 oz., 27 inch long fluke in about 7 feet of water, using Maximizer #3, which is the 12 lb. test class line model.

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We begin this section with a note from Captain Neil:

“We have many places around Long Island to fish for fluke in shallow water. Fluke fishermen can border on the fanatic and even lunacy in their passion to find and catch big fluke on light tackle, especially in shallow water. Big fluke are found in shallow water feasting on the delicacy of the day. They are predators and will eat anything.

How can you improve your hookup ratio?

By using the lightest rod, the lightest line and lightest lures you will out fish other anglers.

Okay but how does this work? It is called sensitivity!

Every time we add a component to a blank we are adding weight and weight takes away a portion of the blanks sensitivity.

Sensitivity is the ability of the fishing rod to detect a fish touching your bait, even if a fish rubs your line. Fish with a telephone pole and you will feel nothing. Fish with one of The MAXIMIZER Series rods and you will feel everything, catch more fluke and become a much better fluke fisherman.

So how have I accomplished this?

I have selected three special RX6 Graphite blanks and designed the rods to be as lightweight as possible. Decreased weight equals increased sensitivity!

Montauk with the MAXIMIZER Report
Thanks Capt Neil. Caught a limit of fluke on Sat. 7/12 largest was 8.3 lbs on the Marlin VI Princess and the rod worked great the condition let me use the rod most of the day, used the 17# rod. Sportsman625 (posted on 07/12/2008)

MAXIMIZER WOW...Capt.Neilf what a rod...after you gave it to me I went to Oak beach, match it with my Quantum sp reel and using a strip of squid on a Porgy's hook and a 3/4 oz sinker casted it out wow what nice cast I can't believe it the distance that rich for so light sinker, I started to walk the bait slow and feel a bite set the hook surprise a 21" fluke.. lol.. keep fishing second cast a nice Kinfish..I'd caught 3 more flukes all smalls I did release all the Flukes including the 21" don't feel like cleaning fish and the Kinfish give it to the guy that took my Picture. ..Thanks Neilf for great job this is going to be my Lucky Rod.      Fredd (posted on

Single foot guides weigh less than double foot guides. Single foot guides are used throughout. Those chosen are Forecast “H” Ring guides from Batson, which are constructed of the highest grade aluminum oxide available. This highly polished ring offers excellent hardness, wear and very low coefficient of friction and is hard enough to stand up to braided synthetic line.

The guides are wrapped using just the guide wrap. Eliminated are the under wrap and a possible second top wrap. The wraps are as short as possible.

Instead of up to five coats of finish, I now use just two coats: less weight more sensitivity.

The spin type reel seat still stays but I am always looking for a way to eliminate it.

Both the butt grip and the fore grip have been eliminated. This eliminated weight equals increased sensitivity! Also this allows you to be in hand contact with the blank at all times. You will be amazed what you now feel being transmitted from your hook.

We still need a reel but you can purchase the smallest spin reel possible for the task.

By using 10 lb. test braided line you will feel the lightest touches and have better control of the lures. Yes, I do use 20 lb. test braid in deeper water when using heavier jigs, bullets and/or lures.

Capt Neil,
Thanks again for making me the rod on Saturday. I caught my first two keepers on the rod. It muscled up a 24 inch fluke with ease and the same with the 21, I caught. It handled beautifully in rough water up in Rhode Island. I fished with 3 and 4 oz fluke bullets all weekend and the rod worked them wonderfully. Thanks again,     Ryan

Every fluke jig angler has her/his own method of bouncing the jig. The main point is to keep the jig moving along the bay/ocean bottom. Sometimes a fluke will hit like an explosion while other times it is a subtle increase of weight. A flick of the wrist and you have hooked the fluke. Now have some real fun bringing your fluke to the net.

Always have a BIG net with you! You never know when that double digit fluke that you have waited all you life for will show up. You do not want to lose the fluke of a lifetime.

DO NOT set the drag on your reel too tight! If you do and the fluke snaps its head or dives for the safety of the bottom your line will snap or a poorly tied knot will slip.

Here are the models that I am producing for anglers that want to seriously target fluke!

The Maximizer # 1
SB843: 7 feet 0 inches long, 10 to 17 lb. test line, 5/16 to 3/4 oz. weight casting lures. This model has caught fluke using 1/2 and 3/4 oz. Spro jigs in 3 to 10 feet water depths.
In 45 foot water depth in the ocean this rod has controlled a 4 oz. bullet very easily. This has become my deeper water rod and can be used for porgy and sea bass.

The Maximizer # 2
SB822.5: 6 feet 10 inches long, 6 to 14 lb. test line, 1/8 to 5/8 oz. weight casting lures. This rod has worked using 1/2 and 3/4 oz. Spro jigs in shallow water. What a blast I had reeling in a 24 inch fluke with this fishing tool.

The Maximizer # 3
SJ782: 6 feet 6 inches long, 6 to 12 lb. test line, 1/8 to 3/8 oz. weight casting lures. I use this model with 1/2 oz. Spro jigs in shallow water, 3 to 10 feet deep. This has become my go to model in Shinnecock Bay.

Priced between one and one hundred fifty dollars each, they meet the needs of much of the fishing public for a high quality, lightweight, reliable, and moderately priced fishing rod.

There is a wrap color option: Gudebrod HTA Metallic thread is available in these twelve colors; gold, silver, red, green, aquamarine, electric blue, royal blue, bronze, pewter, fuchsia, burgundy or black.

Please fill in the order form and follow instructions. These rods can be ordered by calling Capt. Neil at 1-631-567-8049.

Bring on those FLUKE!!!

Thank you.”

Captain Neil

Captain Neil

Special orders are also available. Check with Captain Neil.

These fine rods can be purchased at:
    81 Fort Salonga Road
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    631-368-7335 (REEL)

    As Dave of Northport Rod and Reel said:

    “All I can say is the customs that Neil has built for my customers have been tested and proven to land fish. He even matched someones Junk and made a Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear.
    Neil, Daryl loves the white rod and has landed blackfish to 15 lbs. and a few cod.”

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